city dwelling

City—Spring—Summer—Cool Tones—White Jeans—Bare Feet—Natural light—MOOD

The next Phase. 

The past weekend brought me to Manhattan, partly for the sights and partly for a new home.

I can't even believe I can say that.

I think back to my first time I came to New York—a meek little 8-year-old.

Grand Central was enough to shake me to my adolescent core from the crowded terminal, rushing people, and a slew of smells.   

But, then I looked up, to the star constellations across the ceiling—ah beauty, this place isn't so bad—always keep in mind if you look up in NY you'll be pleasantly surprised.  

Years past, I gained my thicker Connecticutian turned NY skin, learned the way of the grid system & the names of the skyscrapers.

I fell in love with a city for the first time.

Then, I went to Europe and fell in love many times over and was tempted by the beauty of Rome, Florence, London, Copenhagen, Zurich, Barcelona...the list goes on.

But they say you can never quite shake your first love.  

The big apple, the concrete jungle, I came to appreciate the madness when I left to explore and came back to this city of mine.

My New York, my new home.