november mood

New month, new mood.

Guys, can you believe it, it’s November.

The days are starting to get shorter + colder, but everything seems to be a little bit cozier.

Plus, golden hour in Oct-Nov gives me real life heart eyes.

I’m thrilled this year to be living in Boston, a city that was built for this kind of season I think. I live in Beacon Hill and walking home at the EOD I can peer inside the homes lit by fireplaces and warmed by the oven cooking away.

If you know me too, you know I love the cold. Summer, I adore you too, but sometimes you get too hot for me. I love the crisp air on my face when I walk outside it’s almost refreshing + awakening—not almost, it IS.

& per usual, I adore fall because it’s COAT SZN. And sweaters, and boots, and cashmere and scarves.

Need I go on?



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