january mood

Hey again, January.

New year, new you?

OK, this message has been inundated all over our social feed—seriously had to take an IG detox on January 1st—but January is always the month of a clean slate.

I take that literally as in, white washed, cool winter blue hues, savoring every bit of sunshine that pours in through my windows, and starting anew with my living + personal space.

I started by rearranging the shelves + styled corners in my apartment that don’t often get moved around, and let me tell ya, just moving a few things has made it nice to look at something new every day.

No. 1 on my 2019 resolution list (yeah, I know it’s the 10th, yikes) is to finally paint 2 pieces of art to go over my couch.

Then I’ll be all moved in…5 months later…



all images collected via Pinterest

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