Currently Clicking — Mango Fall '19


I can’t even contain my excitement — truly. I happened to click over to Mango this morning and was pulled in by all the cream color knits, faux fur coats, gold jewelry, and boots.

Zara really hasn’t been doing it for me the past few seasons as far as fast-fashion — Mango on the other hand? We’re in a committed relationship at this point.

While I do strongly believe in investment pieces I’m also a scrappy 20-something on a budget looking for things that I can pair with my investment pieces.

Truthfully, I find Mango’s quality on tees, sweaters, and shoes to be worth the price tag to last me a few seasons. Being transparent, however, you have to be careful with some of their coats, bags, and pants. I find the pants to be ill-fitting and the bags, not hight quality leather or hardware which makes them look cheap.

SO, let’s get to the good stuff — my selects.