a new être.com


I’ve been putting so much thought into what to do on this platform. What my next career move is and how I can get back to feeling useful + fulfilled at the end of each day.

I had the realization the other week when I noticed that my Pinterest page had 49.1k monthly visitors. ME!? I realized that my passion is in styling, design, + finding the beauty in things.

What I love to do is create moments + spaces + images that strike a feeling of happiness or make you stop and go “I love that”. From interior design to style, I have honed a lifestyle + personal brand that I call uniquely my own.

With that, I got to thinking, “how can I turn THAT into my full-time gig?”. I’ve immersed myself into the social media industry only to find I feel like a hamster on a wheel going nowhere and not gaining anything.

SO here’s the deal — the *new* être inspire

Firstly, a shoppable website. Admittedly I spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram and online shops always hunting for something new that I covet. I’ve started a new “SHOPS” tab if you haven’t noticed go ahead and click on over 👀*note these are a WIP at the moment and will be fully stocked soon!

Secondly, photography + consulting. The stuff that matters — content + what you do with that content. I’ll give you all the tools you need to succeed on social media and how to find your brand’s voice + image. I’ll be there to help you implement our strategic plan and follow up to answer any burning Q’s you might have.

There we have it!

You can find more info or contact me for both services at the top banner 👆

& as always thank you for being a loyal reader <3



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